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A B2B platform for the funeral industry serves as a valuable tool for funeral businesses to connect, collaborate, and streamline their operations, enhancing both service quality and revenue.

Funeral businesses can create a message that showcases their capabilities and gives other funeral businesses options to orchestrate and harmonize efforts in the delicate art of guiding families with sympathy, compassion, reduced financial stress, and time efficiency.

This represents a form of cooperative targeted communication that offers mutual benefits to all involved parties. In this arrangement, both companies stand to gain from the relationship.

In ensuring accessibility, we provide both App and print editions.This approach accommodates diverse preferences and mitigates the challenges posed by the argumentative atmosphere often prevalent on social media platforms.

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Certain information in the Red Book is available to the public. Funeral directors suggested that the Red Book help people find their preferred funeral home to improve service quality for families. The public information is designed to fulfill that request.

Note: Access to the Funeral B2B platform is exclusively available to funeral directors and suppliers through an RB Agent. Using the most current information provides many benefits. Ensure you're working with the latest version, including recent updates, as the B2B funeral market evolves rapidly.

The Red Book App (RB App), released December 2017, representing the b2b business relationships, is available on Android Google Play, Microsoft Store, & Apple App Store. Search for Red Book Funeral & install.  You will need your account credentials and authorized access to the Funeral B2B marketplace provided by a Red Book Agent. If you need to set up your account for access, contact us to have an RB Agent contact you.

Experience swift, budget-friendly, and professional B2B solutions backed by Red Book accuracy. Our RB Agents have already done the legwork in sourcing B2B options, alleviating your company's burdens and enhancing customer service for families. Reach out to an RB Agent for seamless access and efficient problem-solving, yielding tangible outcomes.


The Funeral B2B platform is continuously updated by RB Agents through multiple channels such as physical visits, U.S. mail, phone calls, emails, internet, text messages, and faxes. This diverse range of communication methods creates a solid foundation for success.

The Red Book compiles essential details beneficial to funeral businesses and the families they serve.


5-24-2024 Colorado funeral director regulation and licensing update from 2-18-2024 news

Colorado governor signs bills regulating funeral homes after discovery of 190 rotting bodies: One bill requires regulators to routinely inspect funeral homes and give them more enforcement power. Another implements licensing for funeral directors and other workers in the industry. Read More on Colorado Sun


Funeral Homes Report Delays in Issuance of Death Certificates

The recent hacking of the USA healthcare system has significantly slowed the issuance of death certificates. This cyberattack disrupted vital record systems, causing delays and complications for grieving families and administrative processes. The breach highlights vulnerabilities in healthcare infrastructure, underscoring the urgent need for enhanced cybersecurity measures.  To learn more, visit CNN


FTC Proposes Rule to Ban Noncompete Clauses, Which Hurt Workers and Harm Competition

The Federal Trade Commission proposed a new rule that would ban employers from imposing noncompetes on their workers, a widespread and often exploitative practice that suppresses wages, hampers innovation, and blocks entrepreneurs from starting new businesses. <Read More>

2-18-2024 NEWS report // Colorado lawmakers to introduce funeral home industry regulation bills:
Republican Representative Matt Soper said one of the bills would make state history in requiring those who work in the funeral home industry to have a license. Read more at 9news.

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7-12-2024 updates

New business-to-business options are being introduced to funeral homes in the upcoming release. Many of these options are already available in the current RB app. To help families save money and enhance your firm's capabilities, take advantage of the offerings from these excellent firms.

RB App Release 3-15-2024

The latest version of RB App, release 7.1.6, is now accessible on your app store. This update introduces exciting new features aimed at enhancing user experience. Make sure to download the latest updates to enjoy the full benefits.

RB App release 1-5-2024:

Several updates for better User experience.

Added ability to contact us directly from the RB App.

RB App in Windows

Microsoft Windows: The NEW RB App 7.0 for Windows is updated.  Install the new version as soon as able.

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