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A part of the Red Book research is available to the general public.  The community oriented Funeral Homes and Funeral Directors recommended we provide direct support to the general public.

Note: Access the funeral business to business (b2b) space is available through a Red Book Agent.  We recommend using the RB App or current paper edition.  The b2b space is changing quickly.  Using current information will help avoid issues.

The Red Book App (RB App), represents the b2b business relations and is available in Android Google Play, Microsoft Store, & Apple App Store.  Search for Red Book Funeral & install.  You will need your account's credentials along with authorized access to the Funeral B2B market provided by a Red book Agent.  If you need to have your account set up for access, contact us to have an RB Agent contact you.

Quick, affordable, courtesy B2B services continue to be in reach with Red Book accuracy.  We have done the heavily lifting when it comes to finding B2B  options.  Save time, increase b2b solutions, and provide better service to families.  Use RB research to find solutions.

Since 1936, The National Directory of Morticians provides easily accessible information for the Funeral Business to Business Market.  The information is continually updated by Funeral Directors through Red Book Agents.  We extend our thanks to participating Funeral Homes that utilize the research we perform in the Funeral Business to Business market.  We recognize the direct benefit to the families you serve.

What We Do

The National Directory of Mortician's Agents work with funeral directors in researching the funeral b2b market.  Enabling funeral directors to better serve families.

The funeral contractor to sub-contracting is the foundation of what RB Agents researches.  Red Book parses the information in in several platforms to increase compatibility.  The platform enables funeral directors to find quality, timely, fair subcontracting rates and options.

RED Book Funeral HOME Directory for funeral BUSINESSES

The RED BOOK is the source to locate Business to Business (b2b) options in the funeral industry.

The RED BOOK printed copy and RB app, contain licensed Funeral Homes, Mortuaries, & Cremation Societies in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and other destinations around the world.  The researched space provides a robust environment for businesses to show the offerings.

Funeral directors are encourage to communicate with the area RB Agent to ensure a healthy market.  The RB Agent is there to help by representing the space and firms willing to assist.


The information in funeral b2b is continually updated by physical visits, U.S. mail, phone, email, internet, text, and fax communication. Utilizing all forms of communication gives a platform for success.

Red Book then collates specific details that benefit funeral directors and the families they serve.

Public Searching - Online Funeral Home Directory

The Online Funeral Home Directory (and/or Mortuary Directory) provides a complete list of licensed Mortuary and Funeral Home establishments that work with the general public or consumer.  Funeral homes that specifically work in the funeral to funeral Business market are not shown in the Online Funeral Home Directory as they do not work directly with the end consumer.

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