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Since 1936, The National Directory of Morticians provides easily accessible information formats giving more time for family care. This information is continually updated by Funeral Directors through our Red Book Agents.  Red Book leads in quick research of Funeral Business to Business Market.  Industry Specific, Industry Accurate, Industry Oriented Information.

What We Do

The National Directory of Morticians Agents works with Funeral Directors in researching information that is needed for a healthy Funeral Business to Business Market.  This enables the Funeral Director to better serve families at a difficult time in life.

It is often necessary for a Funeral Director to contract with a fellow Funeral Director.  Red Book helps with this process so your Funeral Director is able to find quality, fast service, at fair rates from subcontracting Funeral Homes competing for the work.  This Funeral Business to Business Market helps your Funeral Director capture and pass savings and better service along to you.  The savings vary from several hundred to thousands of dollars.  Funeral Homes may appear to be the same.  However, their offerings vary greatly and can be confusing.


A passive way to help ensure the Funeral Director is acting in a favorable way to your needs is to ask your Funeral Director how they work.  Ask "Do you pass costs onto us without researching it first?"  Consider asking to see the Red Book or the source they use.  This will help ensure the Funeral Director is using resources that will help them perform diligently, efficiently, and keeping your needs as a priority.

A growing number of Funeral Homes are owned by consolidating companies. The majority of Funeral Homes are still small business owners.  Family Owned or Corporate Owned continues to create an increasing variation in services and pricing.  Our research indicates that being Corporate or Family Owned is not an indicator for quality of service or pricing.  It is increasingly important to ask questions regardless of ownership.

A fiscally consciences Funeral Director will keep your best interest in their offered services.  If the Funeral Director you are considering is not keeping you in mind by ignoring professional sources that increase service while decreasing cost, you may wish to consider contacting another licensed firm that is putting you first.

"Passing it onto the family" is not consider an acceptable practice by honest Funeral Directors that truly care about you and yours. 

The importance of a Funeral is and will continue to be your celebration of a life well lived.  If you are pleased with the service received, then the Funeral Home and those supporting the Funeral Home are pleased.  Simply put, if your happy, then the Funeral Industry is happy.

Feel free to use our Public Search to locate a firm of your choosing.

Public Searching - Online Funeral Home Directory

The Online Funeral Home Directory (and/or Mortuary Directory) provides a complete list of licensed Mortuary and Funeral Home establishments that work with the general public.  Funeral Homes that specifically work in the Funeral Home to Funeral Home market are not shown in the Online Funeral Home Directory as they do not work directly with the general public.    

We recommend for a family in need or a family in planning to take their time and ask their Funeral Director questions.  Licensed Funeral Directors are bound by laws that protect all parties.  You will want to ensure you are working with a licensed establishment and not a non-licensed party willing to take advantage of you.

RED Book Funeral HOME Directory for funeral directors

The RED BOOK printed, web site, and App version contain licensed Funeral Homes & Mortuaries in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and other destinations around the world.  The printed, web site, and App version has additional information specific to a Funeral Director's needs that helps ensure great service and fair pricing.  Funeral Directors are encourage to communicate with a Red Book Agent during their annual research trip to the area.

How we do it

Red Book is continually updated by physical visit to each location (there is no better way to get the information correct than a face to face visit), as well as mail, phone, email, internet and fax communication.  This enables Red Book to collate specific information that Funeral Directors require to assist a family in need, giving them the ability to work at peak efficiency.

Funeral Directors using great information and great tools provides an opportunity for better assistance to the family during difficult times.  Be sure to ask your Funeral Director if they are working in your best interest.  Is your Funeral Director using industry specific resources, like Red Book, designed to increase service and decrease cost?  Or are they guessing.  Encourage your Funeral Director to keep your interests a priority.  

(Quick Search and the Online Funeral Directory are designed for safe usage by the general public. Licensed funeral homes should contact their Red Book Agent to gain access to The Red Book.)

Advanced Search

The Online Directory (including Quick Search) has been reduced due to illegal activity.  We hope to have this resolved soon.


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