Funeral Directors & Funeral Professionals should sign in before researching.  Quick, affordable care continue to be in reach with Red Book accuracy.

Since 1936, The National Directory of Morticians provides easily accessible information formats giving more time for family care. This information is continually updated by Funeral Directors through our Red Book Agents.  Red Book leads for quick research of industry specific information.

What We Do

The RED BOOK Funeral Home Directory works with Funeral Directors by supporting their information needs so they can better serve families at a difficult time in life.  It is often necessary for a funeral director to contract with other funeral homes.  Red Book helps ensure your Funeral Director gets quality, fast service at fair rates from other funeral homes.  Which helps your Funeral Director pass savings along to you.  The savings vary from several hundred to thousands of dollars.

Not all Funeral Homes are the same.  Ask your Funeral Director if they are using Red Book.  If it is unimportant for the funeral director to keep the costs fair by using professional sources like Red Book, you may wish to consider contacting another licensed firm that has your best interest in mind.  Feel free to use our Public Search to locate a firm of your choosing.

Public Searching

The Online Funeral Home Directory (and/or Mortuary Directory) provides a complete list of licensed mortuary and funeral home establishments. The Online Funeral Directory does not have the complexity required by the funeral industry and funeral directors.  It does provide information the general public can use to help locate the firm of their choosing.

We recommend for a family in need or a family in planning to take their time and ask their Funeral Director questions.  Licensed Funeral Directors are bound by laws that protect all parties.  You will want to ensure you are working with a licensed establishment and not a non-licensed party willing to take advantage of you.

World Funeral HOME Directory

The RED BOOK printed and e-book version contain licensed funeral homes & mortuaries in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and other destinations around the world.  The printed and e-book version has additional information specific to a Funeral Director's information needs.

How we do it

Red Book is continually updated by physical visit to each location (there is no better way to get the information correct than a face to face visit), as well as mail, phone, email, internet and fax communication.  This allows Red Book to collate specific information for Funeral Director's giving them the ability to work at peak efficiency.  This gives the funeral director better tools in helping families during difficult times.  Be sure to ask your funeral director if they are working in your best interest and using Red Book.

(Quick Search and the Online Funeral Directory are designed for safe usage by the general public. Licensed funeral homes should contact their Red Book Agent to gain access to The Red Book.)

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