Mailing/Direct Marketing Labels (Order Mailing Labels/Lists)

Mailing labels or mailing lists contain similar address information as found in The RED BOOK. Information will vary slightly in order to reflect mailing addresses. Orders can be placed by state or zip code. Before ordering, you can follow the links below to learn more. Lists are seeded with information to protect against unauthorized use.

Labels can be ordered on self-adhesive label sheets or in if electronic format is required to place information directly to the piece, we are willing to provide a quote from one of our printing vendors and mail the piece on your behalf.  

Open Peel and Stick, (one time usage) PDF order form. (Acrobat Reader required)

If you have trouble opening the order form, call 440-247-3561 or use the contact information below to have a copy faxed to you.

Information needed for mailing on your behalf.

1. size of the piece to be mailed.

2. type of media

3. weight of the piece

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