The RED BOOK - For Developers

API (Temporarily Discontinued)

Our new application programming interface (API) will allow you to gain online access to our data. Use it in your web site and/or internal application to find the information you need to create rich value add abilities to your website. The data will reside on our server where we will maintain and update it.

 Up-to-date, current information being maintained by us for you.

We currently recommend the use of an I-Frame version that utilizes HTML coding to help match your needs.

Contact us to learn more and see examples.

Linking / Embedding

We have recreated the older version with the newer style of our funeral home search engine for those who still utilize this technology. You can use the following URL if you would like a simple way to have searches done directly on your site.

We request that you notify us that you will be using this version. There is no cost for you to embed this version into your web site.

More versions coming.

Advanced Search