Frequently Asked Questions

Updates to delivery of content

Emerging technologies are enabling us to distribute The Red Book in new ways. The first version of an electronic copy of the book was created in 1996 and was called the Online Directory. The design and usage of the Online Directory is directed towards the general public.

Since then we have moved through several versions collating the information in different ways.  Each being more exciting than the last. A new version of the full Red Book was deployed September 2011. This version resides behind security, is controlled access, and is intended for funeral industry professionals.  This version contains all the information The National Directory of Morticians researches.  The first full version was fairly simple and provided a static format of the book.

In September 2013 an interactive beta version was released where users could begin entering their own content that would remain attached to each location.  By 2014, we have a full usable interactive web based copy of the book.

At the beginning of 2018, we added access to the book through the App Store, Google Play store, and soon the Microsoft store.

Updates, upgrades, and new functions are continually being added.  The current book has a robust data infrastructure.  Funeral Industry professionals can take advantage of our system that is populated with maintained information regarding the industry.

To learn more, contact your RED BOOK Agent or our home office.

Your Red Book Team.

Linking to our site

We appreciate and encourage the usage of our On-Line Directory and ask you not to abuse it. The On-Line Directory is designed for information purposes and not to be used as a marketing device or a database gathering vehicle.

That being understood, feel free to use our On-Line Directory of Funeral Homes as a value added resource for your web site. If you are in need of additional flexibility for use on your site, contact us about our API options.

Collecting & tracking information

The information in the Red Book Funeral Directory is gathered by an actual canvass of physical visits, electronic media, phone and mail. It is compiled in a way to insure maximum accuracy.

The publisher earnestly requests the bringing to their attention of any inaccuracy so that it may be corrected.

How do I get a copy of the Red Book?

Funeral Directors should contact us to have the Red Book agent for your area get in touch with you about our most
current offerings.

We also have a fax order form that can be used. All faxed in orders will be verified before processing. If you do not hear from us within 1 business day, please confirm receipt of your order by calling 440-247-3561.

About our Mailing Labels

Our mailing labels contain the firm name & mailing address for a funeral home. The electronic format comes in simple delimited text that most database programs can import. Note, this is not a program. The peel and stick labels are made at Red Book and can be directly applied to the mailing piece.

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