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Decisions for a funeral are as complex as society. There are many people playing many roles to assist a family during their time of need. The Red Book's role is to support the funeral directors with needed resource information.

When making funeral decisions, take your time. Write things down. Ask questions. There are many options. The funeral directors are there to help.

The material below is provided as information only. It is being made available so you can review options at your leisure. Remember, your licensed Funeral Director director is the best source of information.

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There are many choices available to families in their time of need. The final resting place for a loved one is personal and expresses our ability and need to grieve for the loss of a loved one.

There are many options available when selecting burial or cremation for a final resting place. Be sure to communicate with your local funeral director your needs and expectations. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Take notes. This will help with difficult decisions in a difficult time in life. The funeral is a time for healing and remembering. We as funeral professionals are here to help.

What Red Book Does

Red Book supports the industry by providing information the funeral industry and funeral directors need on a daily basis. Our Online Funeral Home Directory is designed for general public use. Unlike other sources, we travel the country and contact each funeral home in person to ensure the information is complete and accurate. This provides the ability for the funeral industry to use our efforts in confidence when assisting a family.

We recognize the Online Directory is not as complex and complete as the version for funeral homes. However, it can be a valuable tool in assisting you in researching and/or locating a funeral home.


 Our source of information is gathered by electronic, mail and physical visits to funeral home locations for verification of their status and information on the funeral home. In order to be in our Online Directory under the funeral home section, a firm must be in good standing with their respective state board. The publisher earnestly request the bringing to their attention of any inaccuracy so that it may be corrected.


 You will want to ensure your arrangements are made with a licensed establishment in good standing with your state board. This will help protect your rights as a consumer. 

The sites on this page may be of assistance in your understanding of the funeral industry. The industry is here to server you. Ultimately we are all here to help. Feel free to contact your local funeral director with questions. Remember, the funeral director is there to help and is supported by many companies to make the healing and life celebration process of a funeral goes as smoothly as possible.

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Webster's Dictionary defines genealogy as "a chart or recorded history of the descent of a person or family from ancestor or ancestors."

There are many sources of information to help you explore your family tree. Publishers like Genealogical Publishing Company produce helpful publications to assist you in your journey. Funeral Directors are accustom to assisting families on this topic. So do not hesitate to ask questions.


Funeral directors are people.  No two are the same.  It is our experience that funerals are very different from one to the next.  The funeral director has a large impact on how a funeral is conducted.  Talking with a potential firm will enable you to make better decisions.  Be sure to ask questions and explain what your expectations are.

SELECTING THE RIGHT FIRM FOR YOU:  If you already have a personal relationship with your funeral director, then knowing if you wish to use them or not is simpler.

However, if you do not, then an interview with them is beneficial for everyone.  Asking questions on offerings, solutions, and what type of services are available are topics to discuss.  Are you looking for a unique, traditional, or a new experience?  Let them know what you are looking for.  They can also provide suggestions.  This will help you find the service and budget that works for you.

A funeral director working in your best interest will have the right tools that go beyond information that is available through public search engines and social media.  A good funeral director will have many sources that are specific or not available to the general public.  We would all like to believe that all funeral directors use resources that provide greater options.  However, remember the funeral directors are people, so those resources may not be utilized.

Asking questions is important and helps mitigate risks from working with a firm that does not match your needs.  We strongly encourage you to ask questions in person.  It helps us all.

HOW A FUNERAL DIRECTOR ASSISTS:  Funeral directors utilizing resources beyond public facing venues, will save you time, efforts, and money savings.  Giving you the chance to have what you want.  Allowing for healing and happiness in your terms.

YOUR RELATION WITH A FUNERAL HOME:  A Funeral Home is a business.  Businesses are always in a state of change.  The majority of owners have multiple locations today.  Keep in mind, owners, managers, or employed funeral directors, are people that live in your area and they make a living by assisting you at a difficult time.  Remember, a funeral director is a person.

We recommend talking with them.  Learn who & where they are.  Are they working with your needs in mind first?  Are they using competitive sources so that they can pass savings in time and money onto you?  Can they provide the options you want?

Your questions will help you avoid funeral directors and non licensed practitioners that use deceptive practices.  Questions will help provide you with the assistance that is to your benefit and satisfaction.

It is our wish for you to find options that work for you.  The educated consumer is the funeral industry's best clients and the ones we look for.  Ask questions, look around.  We all like to work with our best clients.

If you are happy, then the entire death care industry is happy.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A FUNERAL HOME, MORTUARY, & CREMATION SOCIETY?:  In general there are no differences.  In practice and options, there are many differences.  Most areas have licensing & laws in place to protect all parties involved.

Mortuary or Cremation Society is another way of saying what is typically thought of as a Funeral Home.  Businesses use words in their name to help attract clients.  Do not fall prey to a name that you feel offers something that is not there.

There is a general idea that an alternative service like a Cremation Society is less expensive.  Our research shows that is not necessarily the case.  Rates and services very greatly.  With the increase in options, there is an increase in possible confusion.  We recommend taking your time and asking questions.

WHY A FUNERAL and WHY USE A FUNERAL HOME?:  A funeral, with the assistance of a funeral home, is an opportunity to increase the celebration for a life well lived.  To say "until we meet again."  A funeral home will buy you time to spend with your loved ones by performing tasks that would otherwise fall on you.

Licensed funeral directors are bound by laws that protect all parties.  You will want to ensure you are working with a licensed establishment.  If you are not comfortable talking with a funeral director during your initial meeting, you may want to try interviewing another location.  Remember, there are many options today to fit your budget and needs.

Feel free to use our Public Search to locate a firm of your choosing.

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