Airlines play a crucial role in facilitating funeral arrangements within the funeral industry. Funeral homes rely on the expertise of Air Traffic Professionals to provide essential services to grieving families. Through collaborative efforts, airlines and funeral homes diligently work together to ensure a seamless funeral experience for families in need.

For families embarking on research within the funeral industry, we encourage you to reach out to your trusted funeral director for guidance and support. While our website offers a convenient search feature to help you locate your preferred funeral home, funeral directors serve as your primary source of comprehensive information and assistance.


The Red Book meticulously conducts research and organizes pertinent information for the benefit of funeral homes, particularly concerning major airlines. This invaluable resource enables funeral directors to streamline communication and logistics, thereby enhancing the level of service provided to families during their time of need.

When it comes to shipping human remains to countries outside the United States, funeral directors are advised to refer to Foreign Consulates and International Shipping protocols. Detailed information on this subject can be accessed through the RB App and hard copy version of The Red Book.

Your trust in our services is greatly appreciated.

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