Insurance Commissions


The National Directory of Morticians, commonly known as The Red Book, diligently compiles and disseminates information regarding each state's Insurance Commission, facilitating swift access to Insurance Companies.

The interval between the purchase of an insurance policy by a family and its activation often spans a considerable duration. Consequently, complications arise due to the fluid nature of Insurance Companies, characterized by relocations, changes in ownership, and mergers, which can impede direct contact.

Funeral Directors leverage the meticulously researched data provided by The Red Book to enhance their support for families in locating the respective Insurance Company. This proactive approach significantly mitigates the frustration and financial burden experienced by families during this process.

It is advisable for families to maintain detailed notes during discussions with funeral homes regarding insurance policies, ensuring clarity and aiding in recall at a later time. Families are encouraged to pose questions and seek clarification whenever necessary, as the funeral director is readily available to offer assistance and guidance throughout the journey.

Your partnership with us is greatly valued.

Warm regards,
The Red Book Team

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